Project 2 - Assignment 1

Due: Week 8

Complete the following activities:

Create a design document for your group's site, using the guidelines provided in the Webmonkey IA tutorial.

You should create the document in a word processor, and submit it via the email. Page mock-ups can be included as part of the document (screen shots and diagrams), or you can provide an URL to a web-based mock-up as part of the design document.

Only one document should be submitted per group.

This assignment should be uploaded to Blackboard no later than the beginning of Week 8. A printed copy of the document should also be submitted.




Grading Criteria:

Design Document  
Goals ________________
User Experience ________________
Site Content ________________
Site Structure ________________
Visual Design ________________
Quality and comprehensiveness of content (did you include all the things outlined in the tutorial?) ________________
Clarity of expression (how well did you express yourself? does it make sense? does it hang together as a cohesive document?) ________________
Appropriateness of choices (was your identification of goals, initial design look & feel, etc, well-suited to the site and audience?) ________________