Assignment 2

Due: December 4, 2002

Complete the following activities:

Assignment 2 will be a "new and improved" version of assignment 1. Correct any problems noted on assignment 1, and then add to it the various technologies we've covered, including at least one form, javascript, database component ,and CGI script for your form.  If you want to include other technologies you've learned on your own, that's fine, too.

(Do not modify the original files in your assign1 directory; instead, copy them into a new directory for assignment 2 (assign2).)

Specifically, you must include:

  • At least one form.
  • Javascript(s) for validation of your contact form.
  • Server-side script that uses form data to update database and/or retrieve data from the database
  • A javascript that you've written yourself (not one generated by a program or retrieved from an archive). This can be as simple as an alert box. BUT MUST BE YOUR CREATION.
  • A dHTML component from an archive site (make sure the source is clearly indicated in your code!). The component selected should add some value to the page it's on.
  • Server-side authentication for all or part of the site. Be sure to provide the user ID and password someplace where it can easily be seen or displayed, so that I can log into the password-protected section.


Grading Criteria:

Design principles (layout, use of color, etc) ________________
Organization/Navigation ________________
Corrections from Assign1 ________________
CGI form ________________
Form validation ________________
CGI script using db ________________
Database component ________________
Original javascript ________________
dHTML component
Server-side authentication ________________
Other Technologies ________________