Assignment 1

Due: November 6, 2002

Complete the following activities:

Create a web based "academic portfolio" about yourself, showcasing your academic interests and technical skills for a prospective employer. Place the site in its own directory within your it660 directory with its own index.html file. It should have a minimum of four pages (including the index.html file).

Divide the content up into appropriate "chunks" of information, and design the site in a way that enhances the presentation of the content. This means you need to think about how to break it up, how to label it, how to navigate through it, keeping in mind who your audience is. I will be evaluating the quality of your content, as well as your information organization and navigation.

Use CSS for text formatting (and, optionally, for positioning of elements). Be careful when combining tables and CSS, though; see "Making Styles & Tables Play Nicely" in WebReview for why this is a challenge. While you may use inline and document-based style sheets, I would also like you to create a linked style sheet that controls formatting for some aspects or all of the pages in the assignment.

Include an annotated version of the contents of your style sheet in a web page linked from assign1 index.htm1.

You should end up with a structure like this for your .html pages:

            Your it660 directory
             Your assign1 directory
 index.html page2 page3...pagen  annotatedcss


Grading Criteria:

Quality of writing/ presentation ________________
Sufficient content ________________
Organization of content ________________
Design principles (C.R.A.P. etc) ________________
Navigation ________________
"You are here" cues ________________
Properly linked external style sheet ________________
Uses inline styles where appropriate ________________
CSS text formatting ________________
CSS Positioning ________________
Annotated CSS ________________
Commented Code ________________