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Fireworks CS5 Tutorial from Web Dev & Design Foundations

Flash CS5 Tutorial from Web Dev & Design Foundations

Photoshop CS5 from WebDev & Design Foundations


references Design Print References:

Don't Make Me Think , 2nd Edition (Krug) (I will circulate a copy of this & have one in the library) New Riders Press, ISBN: 978-0321344755
Advanced Common Sense website

Head First Web Design, (Watrall & Siarto) O'Rielly Media, ISBN: 978-0596520304
HeadFirst Labs

Creating a Web Site: The Missing Manual, 3rd Edition (MacDonald) O'Rielly Media, ISBN: 978-1449301729
Missing Manuals Website

The Non-Designer's Web Book, 3rd Edition (Williams and Tollett)
Peachpit Press, ISBN: 978-0321303370


Technology Print References:

HTML 4 for the WWW: Visual Quickstart Guide, 4th Edition (Castro)
Peachpit Press, ISBN: 0201354934

HTML, XHTML, and CSS, Sixth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide,
6th Edition (Castro)
Peachpit Press, ISBN: 0321430840

PHP for the WWW: Visual Quickstart Guide, 4th Edition (Ullman)
Peachpit Press, ISBN: 0321733452

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Websites : Visual QuickPro Guide, 4th edition (Ullman) Peachpit Press, ISBN: 0321784073

PHP and MySQL Web Development, 4th Edition (Welling and Thomson)
Addison-WesleyPublishing, ISBN: 978-0672332005


Online References for HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php:

SitePoint Reference - HTML, CSS, JavaScript

DevGuru - HTML, XHTML, CSS2, JavaScript...

Bare Bones Guide - HTML

WestCiv - CSS Guide

VisiBone - JavaScript Reference

PHP Pocket Reference - Php reference


Online References for Web Site Color Themes:

Web Dev and Foundations - Web Safe Color Chart

Learning Web Design - Web Safe Color Chart

VisiBone - Web Safe Color Chart

The Man in Blue (Technicolor experiment) - Website Color Palette

Color Scheme Designer - Website Color Palette

Color Schemer - Website Color Palette

Color Palette Creator - Website Color Palette

Color Blender - Find existing colors between two color codes

Cool Homepages - Inspirational webpages, templates & freebies

ColorMatch - Web Design (underconstruction)


Online Manuals:

PHP Documentation

MySQL Documentation

Tools FireFox Environment Downloads:

Add-ons for FireFox - suggested: Web-dev

HTML Validator Extension


HTML Editors:


Amaya W3C's Editor Browser

1st Page: HTML editor - website down 8/24/13

NVU - open source HTML editor 

Adobe Trial Downloads


Graphics Tools:

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

PIXIE - Color Picker from Nattyware


Other Tools:

Dropbox - sharing and synchronization software

Putty - SSH & Telnet program

FileZilla - FTP program


Online Tools:

KrazyDad Color Picker - Locate photos based on color

Multicolr - Locate photos using multicolors

PicReflect - Create picture reflections

BgPattern - Make background Patterns

CoolArchive - clip art, buttons, logo maker etc - Monitors websites for up-time

Browser Shots - Renders a webpage in different web browsers

Balsamic Mockups - Assists in the creation of website mockups

HTML/XHTML Validator (W3C)

CSS Validator (W3C)


Group managment:

Podio - used to manage group projects



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