Let's Publish a Webpage  
Things to check
before you publish
Check folder for contents
  • Open folder containing web page and images
  • ALL images and your webpage file should be inside that folder. 
  • DO NOT change names of images at this point. 
  • YOU CAN change the name of your webpage if it is not correct.
Check images
  • View code of webpage
  • Move cursor to <html> tag (click mouse in tag)
  • Find all occurrences of "src" in web page
  • Each one should look similar to the following:

    src = "someimage.gif"   or   src="someimage.jpg"


  • if instead it looks like:

    src="some/someimage.gif"  (image not in folder)
    ** make sure you are aware of the absolute path to image

    src="some%20image.gif"    (space in name)

    src = "somgimage.bmp"     (can't use bit map image)

    Then you need to remove the image(delete) from the webpage and fix the problem and reinsert image in webpage.


Publishing using
ftp program
To publish webpage using FileZilla

Open ftp program (FileZilla)

Fill in the session properties:

Host: cslab100.cs.edinboro.edu

User ID: your user name

Password: your Linux password

Port: 22



Once you are connected
  • find web page file on local machine in ftp window (left side of fileZilla window)
  • transfer the web page to the webserver computer  
  • transfer all images (best to use "binary") in the same way
  • minimize ftp program incase you need to do more transferring
  • view webpage in web browser (see URL below)



if webpage does not display

  • check URL address typed in web browser
  • check case of filename and extension
  • check extension (htm vs. html)

if images don't display  (looks like this:  )

  • check image files were transferred using "binary" setting
  • check case of filename and extension
  • check src tag in webpage (view source in web browser or code editor)
  • check image filename has no spaces or special characters (%20 in insert name)