email address
E-Mail Addresses


eup webmail - http://login.live.com
    sign-on using userid@scots.edinboro.edu and password

Email Client
E-mail client (MS Outlook, Eudora...)
  • Displays a list of received messages
  • Provides options to select and read messages
  • Provides options to create and send messages
  • Provides way to add attachments


email server
E-mail server
  • Runs all the time listening for a specific port (25)
  • Maintains a list of all e-mail accounts
  • Appends new messages onto end of e-mail account file

   two parts:

       SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (listens for port 25)
                does most of the work

        POP3 - Post Office Protocol (listens for port 110)
                maintains the text file and communicates
                with e-mail client


E-Mail Attachments
  • file contents appended on the end of the message
  • E-mail client determines how this will be processed   
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