CSCI 270
Artificial Intelligence

instructor Ellen M. Zimmer
office: Doucette Hall 202
office phone: 732-1179
Description &

This course introduces principles and programming methods of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Topics include production systems, knowledge representation, search, and programming in an AI language.  The AI programming language to be used this semester is PROLOG.

 You must have a C or better in CSCI 130 and CSCI 131 to take this course.

  • Understand the fundamental concepts underlying AI.
  • Better able to contrast natural and artificial intelligence, and human and rational behavior.
  • Know the different sub-disciplines making up AI.
  • Employ search methods and spaces in problem solving.
  • Understand knowledge and reasoning methods, including logic.
  • Program in an AI language such as Lisp or Prolog.
Texts &
PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence
             By Ivan Bratko

Amzi!Prolog+Logic Server 7.0.9 - our Prolog Programming Environment

You should purchase a program folder from the instructor: 001(Purple)


Your grade will be based on

Exams 20 %
Final Exam 15 %
Expert System & Presentation 10 %
Homework Exercises 30 %
   Homework Exercise 1  
   Homework Exercise 2  
   Homework Exercise 3  
   Homework Exercise 4  
Programs 25 %
    Program 1  
    Program 2  

It's important to understand that if you complete all the requirements for an assignment, that entitles you to a grade of "B" (i.e. "satisfactory work"). To receive an A for an assignment, you must go beyond the basic requirements, and demonstrate creativity, initiative, and excellence--the grade of "A" is intended for work that is superior, rather than average.

"Incomplete" Grades: You may request an incomplete, or "I" grade, only in cases where exceptional conditions beyond your control, such as accidents, severe illness, family problems, etc., have kept you from completing the course. You must alert us to these circumstances as soon as possible--telling your instructor in November that you were sick in September is not acceptable. If your request for an incomplete is granted, you must complete the work for the course within the time limits set by the University.  Unfinished "I" grades automatically become "F". Incomplete grades are not given to students who have simply fallen behind in their work.

and Programs
All homework exercises and written work should adhere to the Assignment Guidelines
All programs should adhere to the Program Guidelines
Blackboard I will post announcements related to class in our class blackboard account, rather than sending mass e-mails. 


The schedule is outlined below.  This may change as the semester progresses and I will update you on these modifications in class.





Topics Covered


Week 1

Intro, Chapter 1 - Prolog


Week 2

Intro to AI

Lab 1 - Learning Amzi!Prolog

Week 3

Chapter 2 - Prolog, Chapter 3- Lists

Lab 2 - Facts & Rules

Week 4

Chapter 3 - Lists, Chapter 4- Structures

Lab 3 - Lists & operators

Week 5

Chapter 5 - Controlling backtracking

Lab 4 - Structures

Week 6

Chapter 5, Exam 1

Lab 5 - Block world

Week 7

Chapter 6 - I/O

Lab 6 - File I/O

Week 8

Chapter 11 - Basic problem solving

Week 9

Chapter 12 - Best first heuristic search

Lab 7 - Searching

Week 10

Chapter 13 - Problem Decomposition


Week 11

Exam 2, Chapter 15 - Knowledge repres & expert systems


Week 12

Chapter 15 & 16 - Expert system shell


Week 13


Week 14


Exam Week

Final Exam