You will be using a free learning plateform called  The online system provides lessons, videos, audio, and interactive exercises to assist your learning process.

Create an account: Sign In
Using your EUP username and EUP email - create an account.  Make sure to edit your full name once the account is created.  The will keep track of your progress and create certificates when you complete a tutorial.  You will need to sign in each time you use

Creating an account and signing in each time is purely optional. I do not confirm your account or your progress. By using the account mechanism the GCFLearnFree site will keep track of the videos you have viewed. It just makes course management easier for you.

The course content and schedule section on the CSCI104 course home page will outline what tutorials to complete.  There may be additional tutorials outside the; but most will be using  In some cases you will make the selection of the tutorial based on your computer operating system (MAC OS version vs Windows version) and your software (Office 2013 or Office 2016). is the primary resource for the course and you should bookmark the following in your web browser:

page:

Topics page:

From the Topics page:
Operating System: choose the version of OS you will be using
Office: choose the version of office you will be using.


picture of Windows ref book


picture of Mac reference

You will need to purchase a reference book:

Title: Office 2013 In Depth (for Windows)
           or Office 2016 In Depth (for MAC OS & Windows)

Author: Joe Habraken

Choose the reference based on your computer operating system and the version of Office you will be using.

This book is to be used as a reference book to look up various skills as you work through the applications.  We will not be "working through" this book directly. The hope is that you will find it useful enough to keep it when the course is complete as a reference.

Best practices would be for you to "mark" various topics that you find difficult to remember.  There are special tab sticky notes you can purchase to mark these pages (I find they work great, certainly better than just dog-earring the page).  You will find this very helpful for quizzes and as you complete the items for the portfolio.



You will need a copy or access to a copy of Microsoft Office.  Office is an integrated application package that contains Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (and other programs).  Office has many different versions and you must be sure you have one of the current versions (2013, 2016).  If you do not have a computer, all Edinboro computer labs have a current version of Office that you may use.

Edinboro University provides students with a free copy of Office which can be downloaded to one or more of your computers for use in this course. 

To download log in to your student email, click on Office 365 in the top left-hand corner, then in the top right-hand corner of the next page it should say "Download Office 2016".

Office 365 is the online version of the integrated application package.  Office 2013/2016 is the desktop software that you can download to your computer and have forever.  Your subscription to Office 365 is already provided by Edinboro University so you do not need to purchase Office 365.  As part of the subscription you can also download the current desktop version of Office to your laptop or desktop computer.  The desktop version will depend on your operating system (Windows vs. Mac OS) and will be either Office 2013 or Office 2016.  See the Edinboro web page for further instructions on which version of Office you will be downloading. 

If you have any problems you need to call the Edinboro help desk at (814) 732-2111 or use the link: Help Desk


You will need a secondary storage medium (USB/jump drive or hard disk) to store your work.  I suggest you purchase a USB/jump drive as a portable secondary storage device.   A one (1G) to four Gigabyte (4G) USB will be plenty.   You can choose to save your work on your local hard disk (if you have your own computer), but you should have a back up storage device.  The USB will come in handy if your computer goes down during the semester and you need to use a different computer.  

Get Organized:
Whether you use a USB/jump drive or your hard drive, you need to set yourself up to be organized.  The lessons contain practice files.  It will work best if you create folders for each topic and store the practice files in each of these folders.  In addition you will be creating portfolio items that should be stored in the topic folders.  That will keep you organized.

Help with organizing your storage device: Setting up your storage device

We will be using D2L (Desire to Learn) Brightspace Learning environment for this course.  You can connect to this learning management system by signing on to the MyEdinboro portal (available from EUP homepage) and clicking on the D2L logo.

If you have any technical difficulties with D2L or the MyEdinboro portal please contact Edinboro's Technology and Communication help desk (814)732-2111 

To learn more about D2L Brightspace Learning Environment check out these tutorials:

Brightspace Video Tutorials


Tutorial videos from Prof Tucker - ignore the videos for MyITLab

Microsoft tutorials - free of charge! - Monthly subscription charge (See below)

Recommended Resource if you are having problems! is a website filled with thousands of video courses on many topics. There are videos available on all the topics we will be covering and you can choose the platform (MAC or Windows). You can choose your subscrition level paying by the month or for an entire year at a discount. Notice the Premium level provides offline viewing which allows you to view downloaded courses without access to wifi. There is a app available for mobile devices from the app store. offers a free 10 day trial period, so you can sign up for the free trial and start the subscription payment after the 10 day free period.  This will give you access to the video courses for a few days after to check them out.  If they are helpful then you can continue your subscription for as long as you like and cancel the subscription anytime.  You will still have access for the remainder of the last month your were billed month.

This an additional resource that I suggest you checkout if you are having any difficulty with the material.

Web page
May 24,2018